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mumbledshadows [userpic]
through sparks and shining dragons
by mumbledshadows (mumbledshadows)
at October 15th, 2006 (06:20 pm)

yet another barely relevant dramione soundtrack. y'all love it.
x-posted at dramione and dhr_soundtrack.

( through sparks and shining dragons )

obsessionallies [userpic]
by obsessionallies (obsessionallies)
at September 14th, 2006 (07:36 pm)

I first posted this in nthe dramione community but then someone said I should post it here as well, so here I am :) it's my first soundtrack ever :)

click here to download the soundtrack

just call me Cappy =) [userpic]
devotion/abandon : a d/hr mix
by just call me Cappy =) (clannoire)
at September 11th, 2006 (02:31 am)

music makes me feel: awake

+ Name of Soundtrack: Devotion/Abandon
+ Link to Download: via YouSendIt.com  / via MegaUpload
+ File Size: 56.6 MB (zipped)

mumbledshadows [userpic]
lover i don't have to love; a d/hr fanmix
by mumbledshadows (mumbledshadows)
at August 27th, 2006 (04:34 pm)

eleven songs + cover art + boredom = fanmix!

( lover i don't have to love )

charmedgirl36 [userpic]
Fear and Hope
by charmedgirl36 (charmedgirl36)
at August 17th, 2006 (02:23 pm)

music makes me feel: content
soundtrack: Breakdown - Mae

Here is the new soundtrack:

Behind the CutCollapse )

keeya [userpic]
by keeya (twistedtoxica)
at August 17th, 2006 (09:20 am)

+ Name of Soundtrack: Unanswered Questions
+ Link to Download: click here for the link.
+ File Size (MB): 48.3 MB

+ First Song: Fiona Apple - Not About Love
+ Sample Lyrics: ...and it doesnt seem fair, that your wicked words should work in holding me down, and it doesnt seem right, to take information, given at close range, for the gag, and the bind, and the ammunition round. this is not about love, 'cause i am not in love. in fact i cant, stop, falling out...i miss that stupid ache.

charmedgirl36 [userpic]
Another Soundtrack
by charmedgirl36 (charmedgirl36)
at August 3rd, 2006 (04:47 pm)

music makes me feel: content
soundtrack: The Runaway - Something Corporate

Here's another one I made today!

Blur Your Eyes and Bend The LinesCollapse )

charmedgirl36 [userpic]
Dangerous Hearts and Minds
by charmedgirl36 (charmedgirl36)
at August 3rd, 2006 (01:37 pm)

music makes me feel: excited
soundtrack: Cute Without The E (Cut From The Team) - Taking Back Sunday

I made this for my fan fic on harrypotterfanfiction.net

The fic is called This Too Shall Pass by Phoenix Rising

Enjoy the soundtrack!

Dangerous Hearts and MindsCollapse )

mumbledshadows [userpic]
soundtrack: sweetie you had me
by mumbledshadows (mumbledshadows)
at July 11th, 2006 (07:04 pm)

a d/hr soundtrack... from draco's point of view.

(sweetie you had me)

by darvocet (darvocet)
at July 4th, 2006 (12:53 pm)

draco/hermione fanmix :)

come on baby in our dreams, we can live our misbehavior.

by Danielle (romanticblonde)
at June 9th, 2006 (09:23 pm)

Made a Draco/Hermione Soundtrack!

(Sweet Poison)

Blaze Faula [userpic]
New Draco/Hermione Soundtrack: Hopeless Love
by Blaze Faula (blaze_faula)
at June 3rd, 2006 (11:59 pm)

Name of Soundtrack: Hopeless Love
Link to Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VJ0DQ6VX
File Size (MB): 50.55 MB

Song List and Lyrics found here

down and out [userpic]
by down and out (eucalyptus)
at June 1st, 2006 (03:52 pm)


There's Blood On Our Hands
{dhr soundtrack; rated r; 21 tracks}

Please take it! Not dial-up friendly, I've heard...

LilRedKA [userpic]
by LilRedKA (firefox1490)
at May 28th, 2006 (09:29 pm)

current location: Home Computer
music makes me feel: hyper
soundtrack: Flavor Of The Week - American Hi Fi

You must watch this video. Its soooo fucking great I'm at a lost at how to say how great it is. It may be because I LOVE the song (American Hi Fi- Flavor of the Week) or cause its Draco and Hermione. But either way go take a look. It loads kinda slow, or it could be my computer, but its totally worth it.


Senoigh [userpic]
by Senoigh (handbannana)
at May 7th, 2006 (11:10 pm)

Hey guys. Back again with another awsome rock song! I heard this song just recently and fell in love with it. Not only is it lyrically stunning, but also reminded me of this pairing.

Band: Taking Back Sunday
Title: Make Damn Sure
Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CMMW64BA
Why D/Hr: I think this has to do with the whole passion and sexual tension thing. It made me think of their relationship as, they hate each other around other people and they can't stand one another, but when they're alone their fierce attraction takes over and they just can't keep their hands off each other lol. So there's the physical attraction, but also the danger and excitement of doing something you're not supposed to, like they're only attracted to each other because they know they can never have each other.

"A long night spent with your most obvious weakness
You start shaking at the thought you are everything I want
'Cause you are everything I'm not"

Full lyrics hereCollapse )

Ivana Spankoff [userpic]
Imperfect Union: Draco/Hermione fanmix
by Ivana Spankoff (iamtheliquorr)
at April 26th, 2006 (11:46 pm)

music makes me feel: calm
soundtrack: Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow

Hey all, this is my first post here. I'm glad I found this place because I'm such a music whore and am constantly finding songs that remind me of ships and fandoms I like. Aaaanyway, here's my first fanmix. Hope you enjoy!

( Download and artwork at my LJ )

wafball [userpic]
D/Hr Soundtrack - "Never Recover From This"
by wafball (wafball)
at April 26th, 2006 (01:55 am)

music makes me feel: blank
soundtrack: H.I.M - Drunk on Shadows

Thanks to clannoire for recommending I post this here.

+ Name of Soundtrack:
Never Recover From This
+ Link to Download: here (MegaUpload)
+ File Size (MB): 54.3MB

+ Tracks:
01. The All-American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret
02. Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We're Going Down
03. Silverstein - My Heroine
04. The Tea Party - Temptation
05. Nickelback - Fight For All The Wrong Reasons
06. Puddle Of Mudd - Control
07. Finger Eleven - Sad Exchange
08. Silverstein - The Ides Of March
09. Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes
10. Linkin Park - Pushing Me Away
11. Garbage - No. 1 Crush
12. Saliva - Bleed For Me
13. Matthew Good Band - Weapon
14. VonRay - Inside Out
15. Lifehouse - Everything

Tracklisting, quoted lyrics & cover art can be found at my LJ here

If I've done this wrong let me know, I'll correct the post.

Senoigh [userpic]
New Song
by Senoigh (handbannana)
at April 9th, 2006 (05:38 pm)

Heya guys! Wow I haven't updated here in a while, I've been drawing my ass off lately. But I did remember a cool song. It's actually an old song but it's still awsome. I never thought about this song as D/Hr before but I just listened to it for the first time in a while and I thought "Wow this does work for them" So here it is:

Title: The Chemicals Between Us
Artist: Bush
Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZBADJ3AB
Why D/Hr: The way I saw it was like this could go along with the secretive relationship. Also like all the passion and sexual tension between them. So the "chemicals" part would be the strange but powerful attraction they both have for each other, and the whole part about "the walls that lie between us" and "we never meant you harm" could be about how they love each other but aren't allowed to be with each other because of the "walls" such as the differnt social classes and the whole pureblood/mudblood thing, and also how they've been ostrisized by their friends because of it.

Full Lyrics Under HereCollapse )

nightly_cat [userpic]
Another song for DHr lovers out there..
by nightly_cat (nightly_cat)
at March 21st, 2006 (07:48 pm)

+ Name of Song: If we kissed
+ Artist: Meredith Brooks 
+ Link to Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=V20AJL5D 
+ File Size (MB): 4,78 MB
+ Why This Song Reminds Me of D/Hr:  It portraits the anguish, frustration and temptation perfectly!
+ Lyrics: 

Electricity, eye to eye.
Hey don't I know you? I can't speak.
Strip my senses on the spot,
I've never been defenseless,
I can't even make sense of this.
You speak and I don't hear a word.

What would happen if we kissed?
Would your tongue slip past my lips?
Would you run away?
Would you stay?
Or would I melt into you?
Mouth to mouth, lust to lust,
Spontaneously combust

nightly_cat [userpic]
DHr Soundtrack
by nightly_cat (nightly_cat)
at March 10th, 2006 (01:29 am)

music makes me feel: sad

What would they say to each other if there were no opstacles?

This was originally meant for contraveritas competition. However, I had so many problems with posting and getting my fan art deleted in the process.. And cause my computer was hit by a lighting induced electric charge (I'm not kidding people!) I have no backup.. So completely frustrated, I decided to quit..
But, here are the songs, just because a couple of people said this isn't a bad collection and they would like to download. Enjoy..

+ Name of Soundtrack: potential kiss
+ Link to Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=K17GLRC3
+ File Size (MB): 64,5

1. Wicked Game- HIM
2. It's been awhile- Staind
3. Only when I lose myself- Depeche mode
4. The ground beneath her feet- U2
5. Unfinished Symphony- Massive Attack
6. Don't fear the reaper- HIM
7. No regrets- Robbie Williams
8. Purple rain- Prince
9. Frozen- Madonna
10. No ordinary love- Sade
11. She makes me wanna die- Tricky
12. Deliver me- Sarah Brightman & Enya
13. End Game- Anthony Stewart Head, George Sarah, James Masters

Ps. I'm not sure if this is allowed.. I went through the rules this time.. so, please don't be angry, I will delete if necessary.
Oh, and bits and pieces of lyrics are here.

Senoigh [userpic]
by Senoigh (handbannana)
at March 6th, 2006 (02:00 am)

Hey again everybody! Ok so I have another song...ya I have a lot of time on my hands. Anyway, this was another one of those songs that I thought about immediately for D/Hr but sorta forgot about. It's an old song but it's still awsome. It's called "Twitch" by Bif Naked, and come on, who doesn't love Bif?

Title: Twitch
Artist: Bif Naked
Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EPX7INT4
Why D/Hr: I thought this song was really cool for them cause it'd be in the time of them already dating. It also made me think about their relationship at this point and maybe Draco's kind of loosened her up a bit and got her to try some kinky things like the girlfriend part lol. He's like brought her out of her shell and made her into a wild girl.

Lyrics under hereCollapse )

LilRedKA [userpic]
DHr_News Help Us Keep You Up To Date
by LilRedKA (firefox1490)
at March 1st, 2006 (06:42 pm)
soundtrack: With Out Me- Eminem

Finally after weeks *cough* Days *cough* of...waiting I've finally gotten a staff to help me bring DHr_news back to its former glorious self. However I need some outside help. See I'm not sure how Ava and the old staff kept on top of all of the new and updated stories and art. So I was hoping that if you guys happen to see a new story, picture or update you could email us at DHr_News@yahoo.com with the subject being either New Art, New Story, Update. The Email should have the title, author, summary, link and date it was posted (if you can find out). We'd (The Staff of DHr_news) greatly appreciate your helpfulness.

just call me Cappy =) [userpic]
Contra Veritas Valentine's Season 2006 --- Soundtrack Competition =)
by just call me Cappy =) (clannoire)
at February 27th, 2006 (03:07 am)

In conjunction with the year's Valentine's Season, the dhr_soundtrack and ContraVeritas.com proudly collaborate to bring to you the very first fandom-wide Soundtrack Competition!

This is the time for all you savvy music-lovers out there to dig out all your favourite obscure CDs, or sort through your most romantic playlists for the best D/Hr songs to suit this year's theme: Sweet Secrecy. ;)

Fabulous prizes await the winners of this contest, including LiveJournal Paid time and customized icons and banners! Plus, a Grand Prize of a rare, one-of-a-kind Balinese silver pendant awaits whoever ultimately wins!

Check out Sweet Secrecy - Contra Veritas Valentine's Day 2006 for more information on how to join, when to submit, and what to look out for!

Best of luck to all contenders. =) Keep those tracks spinning!

Allee [userpic]
Yes, back with another song
by Allee (lady_lyca)
at February 14th, 2006 (04:36 pm)

+ Name of Song: "Female of the Species
+ Artist: Squirrel Nut Zippers
+ Link to Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=09IIGHAB
+ File Size (MB): 2.9 MB
+ Why This Song Reminds Me of D/Hr: This is just such a fun song. It's always been one of my faves, but I hadn't listened to it in a very long time, then I re-heard recently and D/Hr sprung to mind, all the mentions of being bewitched.

+ Lyrics:

A thousand thundering thrills await me
Facing insurmontable odds gratefully
The female of the species is more deadly than the male

Shock shock horror horror
Shock shock horror
I'll shout myself hoarse for your supernatural force
The female of the species is more deadlier than the male

Oh she deals in witchcraft
And one kiss and I'm zapped

Oh How can heaven hold a place for me?
When a girl like you has cast a spell on me
Oh how can heaven hold a place for me?
When a girl like you has cast a spell on me

Frankenstein and Dracula have nothing on you
Jekyll and Hyde join the back of the queue
The female of the species is more deadly than the male

Oh she wants to conquer the world completely
But first she'll conquer me discreetly
The female of the species is more deadly than the male

Oh she deals in witchcraft
And one kiss and I'm zapped

Oh How can heaven hold a place for me?
When a girl like you has cast a spell on me
Oh how can heaven hold a place for me?
When a girl like you has cast a spell on me